Android music player version 3.0 leaked online

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Android Music leak The music app on Android smartphones has just received an unauthorized update. The new music player was uncovered by the blog Tech From 10 (which is offline at the time of this writing). The site then uploaded the .apk file for everyone to download. Tech From 10 got the file from the Android Market after Google accidently released a developer version in the Android Market.

We checked out the download and it’s very legit. It replaces the music player that’s currently on Android devices. It’s very similar to what the Honeycomb build offers. The new music app also strongly suggests that Google’s cloud music service is very real. In the settings menu, there are options for temporarily storing streaming music, streaming music through a Wi-Fi connection and downloading music for offline playback. None of these features are active right now.

The music player runs quite smoothly. It’s easy to select which songs you want to listen to by the artist, album, songs or genre. You can also add songs to a playlist very easily.

We’ll now wait and see what Google has to say about this.

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