The Xoom has failed, estimates say only 100,000 have been sold

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Motorola Xoom

When the Xoom launched at CES, it was exciting. Android finally had a real tablet, and it actually looked pretty interesting. Once the new shininess wore off and people actually got to play with the tablet it was clear the tablet wasn’t exactly the iPad killer it was said or mant to be. Sales of the device could prove that it wasn’t as successful as Motorola and Google were hoping.

According to estimates from Deutsche Bank, Motorola has only managed to see about 100,000 Xooms. The number comes from the handy chart Google releases detailing percentage of users on each version of Android. It’s no big secret that Honeycomb hasn’t seen much adoption at all, and since the Xoom is the only Honeycomb device out there, it stands to reason that it hasn’t sold very well.

Considering the fact that the iPad 2 sold triple those numbers in the first weekend, Google has a long way to go if it hopes to catch up in the tablet market. Perhaps if Google and Motorola tried advertising the Xoom and future tablets based on what they are and not what they aren’t. We know Honeycomb isn’t iOS, but the average consumer needs to see why they should care about the Xoom instead of the iPad, they need to know how it will work. There’s some good ideas in Honeycomb, but they need to be conveyed better. Taking shots at the market leader just makes you seem a bit desperate.

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