Google Nexus S makes Canadian mobile carriers excited with its arrival

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Google Nexus S Rogers

It seems that mobile carriers are highly anticipating the arrival of the Google Nexus S in Canada. Almost all of the mobile carriers in Canada are preparing to outwit each other when it comes to their pricing for the said Google phone. Mobilicity for one is releasing the Nexus S tomorrow for $499.99, ahead of the media launch event happening on April 14. TELUS has confirmed that they are offering the Nexus S for $549.99 without contract, $499.99 with 1 year contract, $449.99 with 2 year contract and $179.99 with a promo 3-year contract. Rogers Canada modified TELUS offering a bit for by offering the Nexus S for $449.99 via MTM or with 1 year contract, $424.99 with 2 year contract, and $349.99 with 3 year contract. Retailers who will be offering the Nexus S under the various carriers include – Videotron, Future Shop and Koodo on either April 7 or 8. So there, for friends in Canada, time to take your pick and head out to the nearest mobile carriers offering the Nexus S by tomorrow. That is of course if the Nexus S caught your interest all along.

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