Tobii PCEye translates eye movements into a mouse pointer

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Tobii PCEye

Tobii has announced a standalone peripheral for PCs that makes using a mouse unnecessary. The Tobii PCEye is a camera that attaches to a computer monitor and tracks eye movements. Those eye movements are then translated into mouse movements on the screen. Tobii promises this accessory will not interfere with the performance of your PC. Unfortunately, there’s no support for Macs at the moment.

The Tobii PCEye was developed with impaired individuals in mind. Those who have lost control of certain parts of their bodies will be able to use a computer like everyone else. The PCEye is designed to work with a wide range of software, so its purpose extends beyond web browsing. A little calibration is needed, but after that, the PCEye becomes fully functional via a USB port. Tobii wrote on its website that the PCEye “can track over 95% of users, regardless of eye color, glasses, contact lenses, lighting conditions or head movements.”

There are some limitations to be aware of. The PCEye only works on PCs with dual core processors or greater. It also can only be attached to screens ranging from 15-20 inches. It’s compatible with Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2 and Windows 7.

Here are the system requirements.

  • CPU: 1GHz, 2 cores
  • RAM: 2GBGPU: 60 MB video RAM, Pixel Shader 2.0 or higher

A price for the Tobii PCEye has not been announced.

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