Atari’s Greatest Hits now available for iOS

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Atari's greatest hits

Have you always wanted to play the classic Atari games on your iOS devices? And we don’t mean just the Classic Atari Arcade games but also those released for the Atari 2600. Well, believe it or not, you now can have the pleasure of remembering the old days through classic Atari games right on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad through the Atari’s Greatest Hits iOS app which is now available as a free download from the App Store. Oh well, actually the app itself is free to download but the games are not. To games are available via in-app purchase with the complete 100 games pack costing $14.99. You can also grab these games by pack if you feel like $14.99 is too much to spend for these classic games.

Atari’s Greatest Hits gives you 18 classic Atari Arcade games plus 92 Atari 2600 games – yes, a total 100 classic Atari games including everyone’s favorite PONG. And since we’re talking here of iOS gaming, you can even engage your friends into a Bluetooth multiplayer gaming with Pong, Warlords, and so much more. The app also gives you a replica of the original Atari game cabinet plus the game’s box art.

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