Rumor: Verizon may offer unlimited talk, text and web for $50

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Verizon Unleashed

Verizon may not be sticking with 1-year contracts for much longer, but it seems as if the carrier is making up for it with an even better deal. The flurry of leaked images that have been quite prominent this week continues compliments of Droid Life. The site has what appears to be promotional materials for a new prepaid plan called “Unleashed.”

This plan is only $50 a month and includes unlimited mobile to mobile calling, night and weekend minutes, anytime minutes, texting and mobile web. This unlimited plan doesn’t appear to include data for smartphones, but it is a highly compelling alternative to a two-year contract. As Droid Life points out, an optional $30 fee for data each month will bring the total cost of owning a smartphone to $80 per month before taxes. The down side to this is that you wouldn’t get subsidized pricing for phones.

Let’s examine the costs associated with a current Verizon plan and the theoretical plan of unlimited everything with a $30 monthly data plan.

A 16GB iPhone 4 costs $649 without a contract or $200 on a two-year contract. Data is $30 a month and unlimited talk is $70. At $100 a month for unlimited talk and data, one would spend $2400 over the course of two years. Add in the cost of an iPhone 4 and that cost jumps to $2600 in two years. I didn’t include texting rates in this formula.

Conversely, a $50 unlimited plan, $30 data plan and a full priced 16GB iPhone 4 comes to $2,569 over two years. That’s cheaper than a contract in the long run, but you’ll pay a premium up front for the phone.

Image Credit: Droid Life

Via [Droid Life]

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