Evernote for Windows updated

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Evernote for Windows

Are you using Evernote for Windows? If you do, you’ll be glad to know that the Windows version of the said productivity app, well-loved and most used by many just got an update with several new features that will make you use the app even more. The latest version of Evernote for Windows now lets you share your notes with friends and family using of course, two of the most popular social media services – Twitter and Facebook. So the next time you’ve created a note and you feel like sharing it, you can do so by using the new Sharing button added to Evernote’s menu bar. When you shared a note, the app will autofill a tweet based on the title of the note you’ve created. Then you’ll have the time to edit the title if you want to before the app post it on your Twitter timeline. The process is the same when posting the note to your Facebook status or wall.

Aside from the new sharing feature, Evernote for Windows also allows you to share a whole notebook, set the people you want to share it with and even allow others to edit your notebook entries if you are a premium Evernote subscriber. When viewing notebooks shared with you, the app will link it to your own Evernote account to enable you to view the notebooks easily as well as offline. Other new features of Evernote for Windows include – note, word and character count, find and replace function and improved indenting of text, improved note syncing for Firefox web clips, improved default font selection, and other bug fixes.

You can download Evernote for Windows for free by clicking on the product link below.

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