Wicked Audio creates a radio station for Facebook

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WCKD Radio Today, Wicked Audio released a new service on its Facebook page called WCKD Radio. WCKD Radio is a way for musicians to gain exposure by uploading their songs for free. Facebook users can post songs they like to their wall and “Like” them to their heart’s content.

Artists can upload as many songs as they want to WCKD Radio. There doesn’t appear to be a way to upload songs to WCKD Radio through Facebook. Instead, you have to go to the WCKD Radio page on the Wicked Headphones website. Submitting an MP3 is as easy as selecting a file and photo, leaving your name and providing an email address. WCKD support songs with MP3, MP4, WAV or WMA extensions up to 10MB in size.

At this time, there is only one submitted song on the WCKD Facebook page. There have been some technical issues, but I’d expect more songs to appear once it’s sorted out.

As an added incentive, Wicked Audio will give away 35 sets of headphones to any artist that accumulates 200 likes.

Via [WCKD Audio Facebook]

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