Skype is coming to Windows Phone 7 “this fall”

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Skype on Windows Phone 7

Skype for Windows Phone 7 started out as not coming, moved to “on the roadmap,” and now it’ll be launched sometime this fall. At MIX 11 it was announced that Windows Phone 7 users will finally have access to the VoIP service from their phones, a luxury iOS and Android users have had for a while now.

Of course, those who own current Windows Phone 7 smartphones won’t be able to get everything out of Skype, but at least they’ll be able to make Skype audio calls. Maybe now we’ll start seeing WP7 phones with front-facing cameras to take advantage of the new app. We can only hope for now.

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  • akemai

    Extremely pissed off by both microsoft and skype, I don't know should I support WP7 anymore?