Vudu now offers movie streaming through a browser

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Vudu, one of the most popular video streaming services, has long been only available on set-top boxes or TVs, leaving out those who prefer to watch movies from the comfort of their own PCs. Now that has changed. Users will now be able to stream movies from any PC with a browser, should they so choose.

Unlike Netflix, which uses Silverlight to stream movies, Vudu is using Flash, so it’s available for streaming on any platform, even Linux. Un like Netflix, however, Vudu’s PC streaming is limited to SD quality. Of course, with Vudu you have to buy or rent the videos individually, which is great if you don’t use the service that often. If you have a box capable of streaming Vudu, you can pause the movie and pick it up at the same spot on your PC now should you choose, though at a lower video quality it seem.

It’s surprising that it took Wal-Mart-owned Vudu this long to get into browsers, but at least it didn’t start with only a browser. Hopefully the service will eventually be able to stream HD content to your computer, but that will have to wait for the movie studios to agree to it.

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