T-Mobile’s $59.99 unlimited plan was a mistake

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Bad news everyone. It seems T-Mobile’s Even More Plus Truly Unlimited plan for $59.99 isn’t going to happen. Despite being published in a press release, T-Mobile has decided to cancel the plan.

A document obtained by Tmo News said the following:

The Even More Plus $59.99 Truly Unlimited Data, Talk + Text plan will not launch as previously communicated. The plan is appearing in some systems but should not be offered to customers. The plan will be removed from your systems overnight.

The $79.99 Even More Unlimited plan will still be offered. This means despite everything you read or heard about T-Mobile’s new contract-less plan is useless. The $79.99 plan can only be obtained on a 2-year contract for new and existing customers.

For what it’s worth, $79.99 for unlimited everything is still a good deal by today’s standards. If you’re really keen on going the contract-less route, there’s always Boost Mobile.

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