Redbox has $0.50 DVD, $1 Blu-ray rentals today

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Redbox rental Redbox has a special offer for Thursday (April 14, 2011) only. Redbox is cutting the price for renting a DVD or Blu-ray in half for the first night’s rental. DVDs are $0.50 and Blu-rays are $1. Of course, with an offer such as this, there are some fine print details you should be aware of.

To receive the offer, you must input the promotional code “Thursday” at a physical Redbox at checkout. You can only rent a single DVD or Blu-ray with this offer. The code will only work once with a single credit or debit card.

This code also can’t be used when reserving movies online. You’ll have to make your choice at the Redbox. Then again, you can always go online and see what movies are available at your preferred location.

Make sure you return the movie by 9pm the day or you’ll be charged an extra $1.50 for DVDs or $2 for a Blu-rays for every night thereafter.

Via [Redbox]

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