Angry Birds Seasons Easter update comes early, available now!

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Angry Birds HD Seasons

Well, that was definitely fast! After releasing a sneak preview of Angry Birds Seasons Easter update, Rovio has given the green light and made the “amazing” update available on the app store. And as an Easter present, the said update is free for those who’ve downloaded the previous version of the game. If this is the first time that you’re downloading the game, it will set you back for only $1.99 for iPad and $0.99 for iPhone. The update features 15 new levels full of eggs of course, new theme to fit the Easter festivities, and new golden eggs to collect.

So, what are you waiting for? We’ve been expecting this update on Sunday, but it seems the Rovio folks will be taking some time off and released the update early. And we can only thank them in return by downloading the app now. So now, I can’t wait for May to come when Rovio will push the update for Angry Birds Rio.

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