2Ghz Samsung smartphone coming in 2012

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Samsung dual core CPU It’s hard to believe that less than two years ago we were dealing with smartphones with 192MBs of RAM and 528MHz processors. Now we question any new phone that doesn’t have a dual core processor. The rate of how fast smartphone technology is improving is enough to make anyone question purchasing a new device. There’s a reasonable fear that a more powerful model will be released within a few months. We hope you don’t get too attached to your top-of-the-line smartphone because by next year, processing speeds will double once again.

The Maeli Business Newspaper is reporting that Samsung will release a smartphone in 2012 that will have just as much power as a modern PC. This phone will reportedly contain a dual core CPU, with each one pumping out 2GHz of processing power. That means this particular phone could have processing speeds of up to 4GHz. That’s about double the processing speeds of smartphones now.

The report did not mention any other hardware details about the smartphone. However, Samsung is reportedly thinking about selling its new dual core CPU to other smartphone manufacturers. This could make dual core CPUs the new standard in smartphones in 2012.

Via [The Maeli Business Newspaper]

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