Wacom capacitive Bamboo stylus compliments tablets

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Wacom stylus There was a time when resistive touchscreen devices were pretty commonplace. The problem with resistive screens is the stylus that accompanies them. Operating the device can become tedious if the stylus is ever lost, and multi-touch gestures are contributing to the demise of the stylus. However, Wacom isn’t so quick to abandon the stylus. It has created a stylus specifically for capacitive screens that may have some practical use.

The Wacom Bamboo Stylus is shaped like a normal pen and can work on any tablet with a capacitive screen. The stylus is set to be released in the UK in May for £24.99 (around $40). The stylus is about 4.7 inches long and weighs 20 grams.

The stylus will also work on a few applications that were created specifically for the stylus. According to Recombu, who got hands-on time with the stylus, said one app is art-based. The app was created for the iPad. Another application focused on note taking. The stylus will certainly speed up the process of inputting text.

The Bamboo Stylus is not a means to replace finger operation on tablets, but it can be useful for specific applications.

Image Credit: Recombu

Via [Recombu]

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