Motorola Atrix coming to Orange UK in early May

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Orange UK Motorola Atrix

One of the best Android smartphones of recent memory is finally crossing the pond early next month. The Motorola Atrix will arrive on Orange UK in early May. The Tegra 2-powered smartphone will be available free with a £35 ($57) a month of more contract.

To entice Android fans to adopt the smartphone early, for the month fo May Orange UK will offer the Motorola HD Multimedia Dock (plus keyboard, mous and remote) for £49.99 ($81). After, the price will go up to £129.99. If you’re on Orange UK already and upgrading next month you’ll get the dock for free wil the smartphone. Sounds like a good deal for what is arguably the best Android phone on the market at the moment.

Aside from the speed and the 4-inch screen on the Atrix, Moto’s big selling point is the optional laptop dock. In the UK the dock will be a bit expensive, running consumers £299.99, though there will be “reduced price points” on certain tariffs. Business customers, on the other hand, will be able to get the laptop dock for free. So, if you’re a business customer on Orange UK and you’re looking for a new smartphone/toy, the Atrux may be just what you’re looking for when it alnds next month.

Read [Orange UK] via [Android Community]

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