Apple sues Samsung for copying product designs

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iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone Samsung is facing a lawsuit brought on by Apple. Last Friday, Apple filed a suit that accuses Samsung of trademark infringement and unfair competition due to Samsung’s Galaxy phones and tablets. Simply put, Apple believes Samsung copied the physical and software designs of the iPhone and iPad. Apple is seeking financial compensation and possible injunctions. If granted, Samsung may have to change the design of its phones and tablets.

The iPhone and iPad have a look that is very noticeable. The devices are thin, are made up of a black and chrome color scheme and has rounded corners. The appearance of an iOS device is just as important in grabbing a customer’s attention as its software. When Samsung created the Samsung Galaxy i9000, it’s hard to believe the company did not get inspiration from the iPhone.

In its suit, Apple provided pictures of the Galaxy i9000 sitting alongside the iPhone 3GS. Needless to say, the two devices look very similar.

Even though the Galaxy i9000 is an Android phone, its customized interface is very similar to iOS. The most noticeable similarity is within the applications list. Most Android phones present apps on one page that scrolls up and down. The Galaxy phones utilize multiple pages of apps that swipe left and right just like iOS does.

Apple has also taken issue with the design of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. According to Mobilized, Apple believes the Galaxy Tab’s shape, borders and rounded corners were blatantly copied from the iPad.

Samsung will combat Apple in this lawsuit in an attempt to protect its intellectual property rights.

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