Pocket Informant 2.0 for iOS [First look video]

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If you are looking for an nice information management solution on the iPhone and/or iPad then you may want to consider checking out Pocket Informant. Personally, I use the app to sync my iPhone and iPad with my Google Calendar and with Toodledo. All said and done, it works and it works well. And in my opinion, it helps me manage my time and tasks far better than what comes as default apps from Apple. That said, the team over at Pocket Informant seems to be getting ready to release version 2.0 for the iPhone and they have offered up a short first look style teaser video. And nicely, version 2.0 will be available as a free upgrade for all current users. In other words, now would be a good time to visit the App Store and purchase the app(s). Well, visit the App Store after you check out the above promo video anyway.

Via [Pocket Informant] and [YouTube]

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