T-Mobile brings voice calls to Facebook with Bobsled

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Bobsled T-Mobile announced a new service for Facebook today called Bobsled. Bobsled brings voice calls to Facebook for free. Now, instead of holding extended text chats with friends, you have the option of calling. This service is for all Facebook users, not just T-Mobile customers. The application is available to download right now.

Bobsled calls can be initiated though the chat box in Facebook. Once Bobsled is installed, a phone icon will appear next to your friend’s names. All you have to do is click the phone, and the call is sent. Bobsled is PC and Mac compatible.

Bobsled also has a voice mail feature. Voice messages can be private or placed on a friend’s wall for everyone to hear.

Here’s the best part. T-Mobile will update Bobsled in the future to include video calls and calls to mobile phones and landlines. A smartphone application will also be released that can place calls through any carrier.

Via [T-Mobile Blog]

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