Google adds “Undo” action for select functions in Mobile Gmail

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If you’re using Gmail on your phone, you’ve probably experienced accidentally deleting a message by mistake or labelling it incorrectly. While you can always recover these deleted messages from your Gmail Trash folder and put it back to your inbox. Or remove the wrong label and apply the correct one. While this is all good, this process is quite tedious at involves several steps. So now, Google is giving you a chance to undo four key actions that you do on your Gmail mobile web app. These actions include – archive, delete, add or remove label or move a message/conversation. The undo bar stays in position even if you move from one screen to another. Also Gmail display a yellow bar on the lower portion of the screen to recap what actions you just did. Tapping on this yellow bar will allow you to undo the actions you took. To check out this new feature of Gmail mobile web app, simply point your iPhone or Android phone’s mobile web browser to The feature does not work with tablet devices yet.

via [Google Mobile Blog]

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