Facebook for iOS updated, lets friends call you from within app

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Facebook number add Facebook for iOS got another update that isn’t nearly as creepy as the last update. This brings the version of the app up to 3.4.1 and it doesn’t add very much. Some bugs have been worked out as usual, but it also adds a couple more features that allows you and your friends to keep in contact more easily.

The image to the right indicates a feature that lets you add your phone number to your profile. By doing this, friends will be able to visit your profile page and call you directly. Your number will only be visible to people who are your friends. Then again, I’m sure we have about 100 people on our friends list that we know nothing about. Also, if they’re really your friend, wouldn’t they have your number anyway?

The third part to this update adds a Find Friends feature. This feature looks through your contacts for the people whom you haven’t yet befriended on Facebook, and suggests you friend them.

These features are also in the Android version of the Facebook app. Grab that update too while you’re at it.

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