iPad sales deemed “weak”

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Yesterday, Apple released their Q1 financials. In between all the record sales and profit numbers slipped some data on iPad sales. The data was enough of a downer for Business Insider to call iPad sales, “weak”.

Apple managed to sell 4.69 million iPads during the quarter. Analysts expected closer to 7 million. That’s where Business Insider gets its perspective.

However, Apple claims to have sold every single iPad 2 it made during the quarter. This suggests that the problems in sales were not in demand or marketing but in simple production. The company said they still have a “mother of all backlogs” for the iPad and they are working to get them into the hands of every customer as fast as possible.

Apple noted they expect to show very good unit sales on the iPad in Q2 of this year. As some interesting insight, Apple has a lower margin on the iPad than it does it’s other products. Apple confirmed this by noting the margin decline forecasted is due to higher iPad mix. Apple is taking less margin to feed the flames to aid in creation of the tablet niche and remain the leader.

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