Square credit card reader now in Apple Stores

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Square Credit Card Reader

Apple has started offering the Square Credit Card Reader for iPhone not only from the Apple Online Stores but from Apple Stores as well. The Square Credit Card which is a small device which when connected to an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad allows you to accept payments through credit card. It actually mimics the credit card swiping terminals used by merchants. Only this time, it uses your iDevices network signal (either Wi-Fi or 3G) to transact credit card payments. A 2.75% payment is required per transaction done using this device. Such a small amount as compared to the usual fees charged by credit cards such as contracts, monthly fees and merchant accounts.The credit card reader for iPhone is available from the brick-and-mortar Apple Stores in the U.S. and also from the US Apple Store online for $10.

Square credit card reader accepts all U.S.-issued Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards. It also sends electronic receipts upon completion of the transaction. And for those who plans to avail of this service, Square is giving out $10 reward upon activation of a Square account.

Product [Square Credit Card Reader] Via [Intomobile]

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