Verizon Wireless activates 2.2 million iPhones, more than 500K 4G devices

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Verizon Wireless Q1 smartphone data

As part of Verizon’s quarterly results today the company put out some stats regarding smartphones sales, and they’re looking pretty good. As Verizon itself put it, the company is seeing a “strong start to 2011,” and it’s pretty hard to argue with the numbers so far.

First we have iPhone 4 sales. A lot of people were waiting for the Verizon iPhone to launch, and when it finally did earlier this year, Verizon managed to activate a lot of them. A total of 2.2 million iPhones were activated on the network this past quarter. Keep in mind the iPhone 4 launched on Verizon in mid-February, so it sold 2.2 million in just over a month and a half.

The next big number is from 4G devices. In the first quarter of the year Verizon managed to activate more than 500,000 4G devices. That includes over 260,000 Thunderbolts activated in just two weeks. That’s less than a quarter of the number of iPhones activated, but the 4G network is only available in a few cities, and the only smartphone to take advantage of it so far has been the Thunderbolt.

Verizon also announced that of it’s smartphone sales in the last quarter, 65 percent were new smartphone users. It would make sense if a few of those users were feature phone users who were just waiting for the Verizon iPhone to take the jump to smartphones. No matter who those users were, they certainly helped Verizon’s data revenue increase to $5.5 billion this past quarter, that’s $1 billion more than it was in the same quarter last year. With more 4G phones coming and more people using smartphones in general, that number should only keep increasing for a while.

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