RIM and Hulu said to be in talks to bring Hulu access to the BlackBerry PlayBook

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As the BlackBerry PlayBook recently came available all sort of little discoveries are being made and one of those not so nice ones was that access to Hulu is being blocked. Sure, there are some tricks that will apparently give you access, but really, people just want to be able to launch the browser type in the address for Hulu and begin watching. That said, there may be a silver lining to this disappointing news — The Wall Street Journal is reporting that RIM and Hulu LLC are currently in talks.

“We are in conversations with Hulu to bring the Hulu Plus subscription service to BlackBerry PlayBook users,” said a spokeswoman for RIM in an email. Representatives for Hulu were unavailable for comment.

Of course, we should point out the flip side, while they may be in talks at the moment, that does not mean we will see a quick resolution — but we can hope.

Via [WSJ] and [BGR]

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