Verizon now rolling out Motorola Droid Pro software update

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Verizon and Motorola have announced a new software update for Droid Pro users. This update will bring the software version number up to 3.8.7 (more specifically 3.8.7.XT610.Verizon.en.US) and is shown as offering a rather standard fare of “enhancements.” With that, here is the complete change log;

Enjoy improved device performance with these OS enhancements:

  • Within the Exchange ActiveSync initial email account configuration, you will now be prompted to enter a server name.
  • Exchange ActiveSync email delivery delays have been corrected.
  • Exchange ActiveSync calendar events created on the device will now push to your PC calendar.
  • Calendar events will no longer be deleted from your device if themeeting is updated.
  • Device will now allow Wi-Fi users to access external corporate networks.
  • Global Customers can now re-register on non-CDMA networks after Airplane mode is exited.
  • The on-screen clock times remains up-to-date.
  • Bluetooth devices will now select the correct audio recording level for optimal voice capture and alert you when your audio levelis too low.
  • V CAST Apps has been preloaded.
  • The 3G Mobile Hotspot icon correctly reflects the 3G Mobile Hotspot status.

New ActiveSync Email Policy Support for the following:

  • Data encryption for both the internal and SD card memory.
  • Requires manual synchronization while roaming.
  • Allow HTML E-mail.

Via [Twitter] and [Motorola] and [Droid-Life]

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