Nokia further details Windows Phone 7 plans and they include a Nokia-branded application store

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We recently learned that Nokia and Microsoft have signed off on a joint partnership, but we also know it will be quite some time before any Nokia branded Windows Phone 7 smartphones actually come to market. And just for the record, Nokia has stated that will happen in 2012.

That said, Stephen Elop did recently offer a bit of an update and go over a few of things that we can expect to see when this all comes to reality. But the good news, despite not being able to expect a device until 2012, Elop did state that they have “shifted from a mode of developing our strategy to one of putting our strategy into action”. And speaking as to some of that action, it was noted that we can expect to see Ovi Maps come to Windows Phone as well as a Nokia-branded application store. And while some will likely question the addition of a second app store for Windows Phone, the Nokia-branded offering will come with some perks such as carrier billing.

Furthermore, Elop mentioned that current Nokia developers will have the (normally $99 per year) Windows Phone developer fee waived for the first year. Of course, in the meantime we are still seeing Nokia shipping items such as the Symbian running Astound which recently came available with T-Mobile here in the US.

Via [Nokia Conversations] and [BGR]

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