Facebook launches the Send button

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Facebook Send button

Facebook’s Like button has effectively taken over most of the Internet as one of the default ways to share content with your friends. Today the social network is adding another button for sharing content, with this one being more selective. That button is called Send.

The Send button is simply an easy way to share content online with select groups of people. You can click the Send button to send content to individual people or groups on Facebook. Or, if your friends aren’t on Facebook, you can use the Send button to email it to them. The email will come from your email address you received with the Messages update last year. The Send button is launching on 50 websites now including The Wall Street Journal, Orbits, The Huffington Post, and

The goal with the Send button seems to be to get rid of the “email this” button on most websites, which seems like a great idea. It also should be an easy way to share information with a large number of people whose email adresses you may or may not have. Of course, it could also mean you’ll get more Facebook messages from friends, but that should hopefully be outweighed by the usefulness of the new button. No more Liking content hoping certain people will see it, and a few less steps in sending off emails or Facebook messages with links in them.

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