Sony admits your personal information was taken in PSN hack

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Sony PSN

We are now in Day Seven of Sony’s PSN and Qriosity outage, and Sony is just now telling us what we should have found out much earlier. If you have a PSN or Qriosity account, your personal information has been taken. Your credit card information is a maybe at this point.

The personal information stolen includes your name, address, birthday, username, email, and password. Also included is your purchase history, billing address, and security question. So, basically all of the information you have to give to Sony to create an account, and it’s in the hands of the unidentified hackers now.

The one upside is there’s a chance that your credit card information wasn’t taken, but Sony isn’t ruling it out at the moment. So, to be on the safe side, check your upcoming statements to make sure the number was stolen. Or, if you want to be absolutely sure, cancel the credit card attached to PSN to make sure your card can’t be used.

The worst part is that it took Sony seven full days to say our information was taken. It took a few days to announce the PSN was down because of a hack, and now a week before saying anything about a privacy breach. The information that was taken could be used for fraud or identity theft, the least the company could do is warn us when ti happens, not a week later. The updates to PSN/Qriosity are supposed to have better security, but would you trust Sony with the information again? At the very least, I’ll probably be sticking to prepaid cards to buy content.

I’d love to see how Sony makes the Kevin Butler character smooth this over, if that’s even possible.

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