Twitter worm lures users with banned Lady Gaga music video

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Lady Gaga Be on the lookout for any Twitter messages claiming to direct you to a banned Lady Gaga video. A new application has been created for the sole purpose of taking over your Twitter account. Clicking on the link will open a fabricated YouTube page where the application will ask for your Twitter credentials. Don’t fall for it.

Entering your Twitter username and password will leave your account completely compromised. The person or persons behind this attack will most likely use it send more unauthorized tweets under your name. This could lead to more compromised accounts which carries the possibility of spreading like wildfire.

According to Naked Security, the initial Twitter message is reported to be in Spanish.

VIDEO PROHIBIDO LADY GAGA banned [LINK] @shakira @ladygaga como ganar dinero facil

In the event that this message is translated into English, you are still urged to ignore the tweet.

If you did fall for this, just go to the “Connections” tab in your Twitter settings menu and revoke the app’s access to your account. Spread the word.

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