Verizon acknowledges Droid Charge release delays

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Samsung DROID Charge

For those who are expecting to own the new DROID Charge smartphone which was supposed to be released by Verizon today, sorry to break the news folks. But Verizon has officially announced that the release of this new super smartphone has been delayed. The delay was brought about by the recent issues that Verizon has to face regarding their 4G LTE network. Although Verizon’s 4G network is gradually being restored, Verizon has decided to delay the release of the DROID Charge phone and wait up until everything goes back to normal. Unfortunately, Verizon would not tell when the DROID Charge will be made available. Let’s just hope that Verizon make it as quickly as possible before those who are interested to get the DROID Charge lose their hopes and decides to buy other Android smartphone instead.

via [Android Central]

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