Mac OS X Lion features Instapaper and ReadItLater competitor Reading List

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Mac OS X Lion Reading List

Of the surprises we’ve seen in Mac OS X Lion developer builds so far, most have been graphical in nature with no big surprises in added features or apps. There is one such surprise app/feature in the latest developers build of Mac OS 10.7. The feature is part of Safari, and looks to be a competitor of Instapaper and ReadItLater.

The new features is called Reading List. Reading List saves websites for later reading. It’s hidden right now, and only works in Safari, but it’s there. It seems that once it is enabled all you’ll have to do is shift-click a link to send it to Reading List. It would make sense if the link was then viewed in the Reader mode in current builds of Safari. The full description of the feature is:

Reading List lets you collect webpages and links for you to read later. To add the current page to your Reading List, click Add Page. You can also Shift-click a link to quickly add it to the list. To hide and show Reading List, click the Reading List icon (eyeglasses) in the bookmarks bar.

The big question here is will this feature sync across to your iOS device for reading. It could possibly be a feature of MobileMe, or the apparent iCloud. If it does, Instapaper and ReadItLater could be very frustrated, or it could lead to more users if Apple’s service leaves something to be desired. Both services stand to gain a lot if the feature is only available in Safari, since that feature alone will probably not be enough to make users switch switch away from Chrome, or Firefox.

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