Sony denies credit card sale rumor, says passwords were protected

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Even after the press conference on Sunday, Sony has a few things to clear up regarding the PSN and Qriosity hacks. In yet another blog post by Patrick Seybold, we’re reassured that some of the worst parts of the attacks aren’t as bad as we may have thought.

In his post, Seybold claims that there is “not truth” to the report that Sony was offered a chance to buy a list of credit card numbers. There’s no outright denial that the list is out there, but certainly a denial that Sony was offered the information. Those millions of credit cards numbers could be out there, but this is at least one hole in the rumor. Sony has yet to say anything more regarding credit card numbers, only that they were encrypted.

The second point in Seybold’s statement is that our passwords were, in fact, protected. They weren’t encrypted like the credit card numbers, but they were hashed. So, it’s not precisely encryption, but they certainly weren’t stored as cleartext. So, passwords are a bit safer than the rest of the user data in the PSN servers, but it’s still a good idea to change your similar passwords, just in case. You can never be too careful.

It’s nice for Seybold to clarify these points, but it would be nicer to have some firm information regarding our credit card numbers. It would also be nice to know when exactly we can finally link Portal 2 to Steam again.

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