Kobo shows off its social ereading app for BlackBerry smartphones

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kobo ereading app for blackberry

Over at BlackBerry World 2011, Kobo is demonstrating its new eReading app for BlackBerry smartphones. The said app which is also touted as a social reading application uses the new BBM Social Platform curerntly available in beta. The said platform was put out by RIM to allow developers to build apps that take advantage of BlackBerry smartphone’s social features as well as the push architecture of the BlackBerry platform. The Kobo eReading app for BlackBerry specifically will allow you find out which of your BBM friends have the book that you are planning to buy, chat with friends in real-time about books you have in common in your digital libraries, browse friends’ libraries to discover books that may be of interest to you and control privacy and visibility settings to determine who gets to see your digital library.

Todd Humphrey, EVP of Kobo Business Development arm said that the BBM Social Platform fits perfectly into Kobo’s strategy to ignite social interaction among readers. “Our integration with BBM is a powerful new way for consumers to share their love of reading with friends, their extended families and everyone in their BBM social network. It gives readers a fun, easy and exciting way to dive deeper into reading,” said Mr. Humphrey.

The new Kobo social eReading app also supports the BlackBerry PlayBook, In fact, the app comes preloaded on new units of the BlackBerry PlayBook so you can experience social ereading as envisioned by the folks at Kobo.

via [Kobo]

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