Photobucket releases Snapbucket for Android and iOS

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Snapbucket Snapbucket is a new application for Android and iOS devices that lets you customize pictures you take. It’s a free application for both platforms. However, at the time of this writing, Snapbucket is still awaiting approval from Apple. Snapbucket was created by Photobucket and all of your saved photos will be uploaded to your Photobucket account.

Snapbucket will remind many of Instagram because of the variety of image filters it uses. Android users don’t have access to an official Instagram app, so Snapbucket could be the next best thing. Unlike Instagram, Snapbucket does not have a built-in social network in which you can add friends and comment on their photos. Snapbucket also doesn’t have a companion app like Postagram that lets you send customized photos in the mail.

To its credit, Snapbucket does have a lot more customization options. You can choose to apply different filters, frames, vignettes and effects to a single photo. You can even save customized sets that you create. Snapbucket also has special effects that can only be unlocked through continuous use of the app. Sharing your final image through Twitter, Facebook and email is also possible.

Download [Snapbucket for Android] Site [Snapbucket]

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  • Lisa Dilg

    Hello – I just wanted to let you know that the iPhone app for Snapbucket is now available: