Gmail now offers storage for up to 25,000 contacts

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Gmail Blog How many email contacts can one actually has? I mean can you actually fill up your 10,000 contacts limit on Gmail? Apparently, the people at Google think so, as they just bumped up the limit to no 25,000. Interestingly, according to Google this feature was pushed due to requests of Gmail users who have exceeded their 10,000 contacts limit. Really? My Gmail contact could barely reach 200 and then some users have actually exceeded the 10,000 limit. Anyway, if you’re one of those who requested for this feature, you’re wish has been granted. You can now have up to 25,000 contacts on your Gmail account. The same also goes true if you are using Gmail via Google Apps. In addition, Google has also increased the file size of individual contact from the 32KB limit to 128KB. This goes for users who like to have more information and notes on individual contact entries in their Gmail account.

via [Gmail Blog]

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