Sony to offer $1 million of identity theft protection to PSN users

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Sony PlayStation

After the PSN and Qriosity hacks Sony is trying to help protect users from possibly fraud. Sony will be offering all customers a full year of AllClear ID Plus from Debix at no cost.

The AllClear ID Plus service will monitor users accounts for any possible ID theft or fraud. If there is suspicious activity users will be notified and given advice on how to move forward. If there is a sign of identity theft users will be able to talk to “on-staff licensed private investigator[s]” to research the matter thoroughly. If the ID theft is true, the AllClear ID Plus service will provide users with access to an “identity restoration specialist” to fix the situation and “restore identity.” The plan covers up to $1 million in fraud as long as it all happens within the 12 months of the plan.

The service will be offered to PSN and Qriosity users over email. In the next few days expect an email with a confirmation number in it for the service. You have until June 18 to sign up for the service.

It’s a nice idea that Sony is providing this service, though obviously it would be better if it didn’t have to come to this. This could potentially be a way for Sony to admit that credit card numbers were taken, without actually saying it. Or it could be a way to help build up some trust. No matter what the reason, good on Sony for providing the service, let’s just hope the service proves to be overkill.

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