Rumor: another attack on Sony planned for this weekend

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Sony might not be out of the woods yet when it comes to the attacks on PSN, Qriosity and SOE. CNet is reporting that a third attack is planned against Sony, this one going right to the company’s website.

According to CNet, the attackers responsible for the PSN attacks will be attacking Sony’s website this weekend, using the sites to publish information taken from the previous attacks. In the IRC channel the hackers were discussing the plans, it was allegedly said that they still have access to some of Sony’s servers. If the attack does happen, expect to see names, addresses, and possibly even credit cards (which the hackers seem to claim they have) to be published.

If this attack does happen, it must mean that the “leadership” of Anonymous (as much leadership as they can have) couldn’t have ordered or carried out the attack. AnonOps stopped their DDoS on PSN because it affected innocent customers, publishing information and credit card information of innocent bystanders simply doesn’t fit in that philosophy. The “Anonymous” file found on Sony’s file could still from someone in Anonymous, but certainly not from AnonOps.

This is scary to think it could possibly happen, so let’s just hope it won’t. Surely there must be some way for Sony to combat the planned attack.

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