Amazon Cloud Player works on iOS devices

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Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon managed to beat Apple and Google to the punch when it released its Cloud Drive and Cloud Player for Android and the web. Consumers currently using Amazon Cloud Player for Android will have to make up their minds on whether they would prefer to utilize that, or whatever cloud service Google is undoubtedly working on. You wouldn’t think Amazon Cloud Player would actually work on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, but it really does.

There’s no Amazon Cloud Player app available, so you’ll have to do all your music streaming through the Amazon web site. If you sign in to your Amazon account through the Safari web browser, you’ll be able to access the Amazon Cloud Player. If you’ve downloaded any songs from Amazon, or uploaded songs from your existing collection to Amazon’s Cloud Drive, all that music will be accessible. Amazon will tell you your iDevice isn’t compatible, but ignore that and click continue anyway.

This is a web interface after all, so you’re not going to get an experience that’s optimized for a mobile device. It still works though, and that’s 90% of the battle.

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