Name ID and voice to text features coming to T-Mobile customers

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T-Mobile has been cranking out the new offers and features lately. As if the ability to make phone calls over Wi-Fi with no penalty to anytime minutes wasn’t enough, T-Mobile has a couple more new features it will be rolling out on May 22. Another document uncovered by Tmo News details the exact nature of what T-Mobile is calling Name ID and voicemail to text.

Name ID isn’t necessarily a new feature. It’s an enhanced version of another T-Mobile feature called Caller Name. According to T-Mobile’s website, Name ID currently costs $2.99 a month. It shows the name and the number of the person who calls you if they aren’t already saved in your phone’s contact list. Name ID is taking it as step further by also providing the caller’s city and state. Is this a revolutionary feature? Certainly not. Home phones have been doing this for quite a while. Some providers also show the same information on televisions when the phone rings. The document doesn’t say if this feature will become free. However, T-Mobile will include Name ID as a standard feature on upcoming phones.

Voicemail to text sounds very similar to Google Voice. This feature simply translates voice messages into text.

Via [Tmo News]

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  • Zach

    I like the Name ID. I normally just ignore calls from numbers I don't know but know if it tells me who it is I may start answering.