Gadgetell Review: Primo Power Core battery pack from phonesuit

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Gadgetell Review Primo Power Core battery pack from phonesuit

What is being reviewed?

Up for review today is the Primo Power Core battery pack from phonesuit. The battery is currently available and selling for $99.95.

Disclaimer: The Primo Power Core battery pack was provided to Gadgetell by phonesuit for the purpose of this review.

The specs

  • Battery capacity: 8200 mAh
  • Power output: DC 5V@2.1A, 12V@2A
  • Power input: DC 9V@1A
  • Dimensions: 5.12 x 2.95 x 0.71 inches
  • Weight: 8.2 ounces

My thoughts

The folks over at phonesuit sent over the Primo Power Core battery pack for us to review and what can we say, it came at a perfect time to be put to good use. I had a few days where I was working (painting) the interior of a house before the power was turned on. In other words, I was spending a few full days in a powerless house and needed to be able to keep my phone and a few other small gadgets charged during the day — enter the Primo Power Core. Starting from the description on the box, the battery pack is described as being able to “power just about anything portable.” And true to their word, that statement held up as accurate. Personally I used it to keep my iPhone 4 and iPad charged as well as an Archos 32 and a BlackBerry PlayBook.

Of course, the ability to charge multiple gadgets comes from the included adapters, of which there is a wide variety included. And then for those gadgets that do not have an adapter, there is a USB port on that battery pack that you can use along with the regular charging cable that was included when you bought your gadget. In other words, while there is not an adapter for everything, you are still capable of charging just about anything USB powered.

Overall I really liked the battery, and really, coming in at 8200 mAh what is not to like. That can provide some serious charging power. According to phonesuit that can charge an iPhone (or other smartphone) up to four times, an iPad one time, an iPod Classic up to seven times and a notebook one time. Personally I did not try and power any of my notebooks. In addition to the charging adapters, the Primo Power Core also ships with a standard wall plug (for charging the battery itself) as well as a small carrying pouch.

That all being said, there were two small quirks that I found. And keep in mind these are fairly minor. The power adapter is a regular wall adapter where the cord is all attached to the actual plug. Personally I would have preferred a plug being attached to a USB cable. But again, a small quirk. The other issue is a bit more worrisome, but again not enough to suggest anyone should not make a purchase. The power switch on the battery is easy to move. Basically, while this did not happen to me, I can see an instance where it may bump up against something in your gear bag and accidentally be turned on. But then, that is nothing that cannot be prepared for with some careful packing.

The bottom line

All said and done, I really liked having this battery pack around as it worked well and while this does not necessarily affect the performance — I liked the way it looks with the mirrored front and the blue LED indicator lights. And truthfully speaking I kind of went into this review with some bias because I have used other phonesuit products with good results in the past. With that, the Primo Power Core battery pack receives a “would recommend” and “would actually purchase myself” rating.

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