Offline Google Docs, Gmail and Calendar coming this summer

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Google Docs, Google Calendar and Gmail offline access

Those with Cr-48s and who plan on buying 3G Chromebooks when they’re launched should have no problem accessing anything they want on the web. However, no everyone has access to the web all the time, not even with 3G connections. Thankfully Google isn’t ignoring this, as it will finally bring three of it’s major services offline using HTML5.

Starting this summer Google Docs, Calendar and Gmail will be available for offline use. You might be thinking this already happened, but that was with Google Gears which didn’t always work perfectly. These offline modes will come with HTML5, meaing they will work offline just as they do online, or at least they should. Google has been using offline modes internally for months, so expect them to be well polished by the time they’r available.

There are already a few web apps in the Chrome Web Store that can be used offline. Those include the New York Times, the Marvel Comics app and most of the games. It seems that Google wants to have as many offline apps as possible for those who don’t spring for the 3G Chromebooks, or who just don’t have data wherever they happen to be.

Image from [TechCrunch]

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