HTC Thunderbolt price drops to $129.99 with Amazon Wireless

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HTC Thunderbolt Amazon price drop

It was only last month when Amazon drops the price of the HTC Thunderbolt to $129.99 from the phone’s Verizon Wireless’ price of $249.99, and here’s Amazon offering the same deal again. But unlike the deal before when it was clearly stated as to how long it will last, this time around Amazon did not tell us up to when the HTC Thunderbolt price drop will last. So, if you’re planning to get a new smartphone and HTC Thunderbolt is among your choices, you might want to head over to and grab this phone. But I hope you’re aware that getting this phone will also entail you getting tied up under a two-year Verizon contract, right? If that’s not an issue, good luck and hope you get your Thunderbolt soon.

via [Amazon Wireless]

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