Twitter creates a mobile site that functions like an application

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Twitter mobile Twitter announced a new version of its mobile web page today. The new page was designed to take advantage of smartphones with touchscreens. Many smartphone users install various Twitter applications because it tends to be faster and more optimized than anything a web browser can offer. Twitter wants you to consider its alternative if you’re so inclined.

The new mobile web page was released Wednesday to a small number of Twitter users using an iPhone, iPod Touch and Android device. In essence, it looks and operates in a way that a smartphone application would. As you can see from the picture, you’ll be able to look through your timeline, mentions, direct messages and search for individuals on Twitter from the web page. Trending topics and lists were also included.

The existing Twitter page through the iPhone or iPod Touch’s web browser isn’t bad, but you can’t access some things once you scroll down. If anything, the new web page will eliminate the need to load an app and wait for it to load everything. If you’re already surfing the web, you can keep Twitter open in a separate window.

It’s not anything too revolutionary, but it’s a nice thing to have.

Via [Twitter Blog]

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