Kobo makes its e-reading app for iOs devices more social

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Kobo e-reading app

Kobo announced that it has expanded the social sharing features of its e-reading app for iOS devices. The updated Kobo e-reading app now expands the Reading Life feature to Twitter – allowing you to share quotes, passages, notes, book covers and awards easily. Kobo’s Reading Life which was introduced last December have been used by Kobo users and have resulted in dramatic increase to reading time by 50%. Kobo users have been regularly connecting Reading Life to their Facebook accounts and it is hoped that this will also be the case with Twitter integration.

The updated version of Kobo’s e-reading app for iOS devices also brings in the following new features – easy sharing of the Reading Life Mosaic via Twitter, sharing of latest read with followers, sharing of favorite quotes and passages, notes and thoughts, sharing of Awards, viewing of friends’ awards, chatting with friends about new reads, and more.

The Kobo e-reading app is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store.

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