Analyst claims iPhone 4S will work on T-Mobile and Sprint networks

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iPhone 4

Do you know what would solve T-Mobile’s contract customer woes? An iPhone. I’m not talking about any iPhone either. I’m talking about the next iPhone hardware model that Jefferies analyst Peter Misek is calling the iPhone 4S. This analyst supposedly has the inside scoop on Apple’s next phone. Rumors have been out of control about this device. Some believe it’s going to have all new everything, while others believe it’s just going to have minor alterations that doesn’t require a bump from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5. Misek says it’s the former.

According to Business Insider, Misek wrote a note about the iPhone 4S that said the phone would contain “minor cosmetic changes, better cameras, A5 dual-core processor, and HSPA+ support.”

The HSPA+ support suggests the iPhone 4S is right up T-Mobile’s alley. Misek also said the iPhone 4S will be compatible with Sprint and China Mobile.

It apparently won’t be called the iPhone 4G because Apple started production on the 4S before the 4G chips were created.

This isn’t the first rumor about the next iPhone and it’s surely not the last. The final word will come from Apple itself.

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