Sony starts to roll out PSN after weeks of downtime

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After weeks of updates, rumors and scares of identity fraud Sony has finally started rolling out the PlayStation Network once more. As previously announced, the roll out is being done in phases, and the first stage should be complete for just about everyone by the time you read this.

On Saturday night Sony announced that the first phase of the rollout would begin across all regions at a staggered pace. This phase includes PS3 and PSP multiplayer gaming, trophies, friends lists, voice chat, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Netflix, PlayStation Home and the Qriosity network. Before you get to sign on, however, you will have to download new firmware for your PlayStation 3. The new firmware, version 3.61 will require you to change your password before signing in to the newly secured network.

Along with the announcement of the update coming we get a video (below) from Sony Computer Entertainment President Kazuo Hirai. The video simply states that the roll out is starting, and goes on to reiterate many of the points that Patrick Seybold made on the PlayStation Blog over the last few weeks.

Updating the PlayStation 3 didn’t take too long for me, though the patch installer seemed to quit around 50 percent (my screen went dark around that point, but came back to the Cross Media Bar a moment later). Thanks to the PSN rollout I was finally able to sync my copy of Portal 2 to Steam. So, if you’ve been waiting to sync Portal 2, or to play a round of SOCOM 4 or Brink, or if you just want your PS3 to have Hulu Plus again, your long nightmare is now over.

Now to wait for that “welcome back” program and the PSN Store to come back up. One step at a time. Let’s just hope Sony can get everything running smoothly soon, word is some developers are really hurting with the PSN Store being down for several weeks,

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