Motorola Xoom 3.1 update coming to Canada “soon” and will bring SD card support

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We have seen the Android 3.1 update begin rolling out to Motorola Xoom users here in the US and it looks like it will “soon” be available for those in Canada as well. And while we would initially think that those in Canada are not being treated as fair given they had to wait, it looks like that update will arrive with something that US Xoom users did not receive — SD card support. The details have come by way of the official Motorola Canada Facebook page where they have stated that;

“The Motorola XOOM upgrade for Canada is coming soon! Some of the feature upgrades include basic external SD card support for general SD file and media access, expanded support for USB-connected accessories, additional Bluetooth support and Picture Transfer Protocol to enable easier transfer of photo files to your PC.”

Via [Motorola Canada on Facebook] and [AndroidCentral]

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