Rumor: Amazon prepping two tablet models

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Amazon tablet hitting stores later this year Amazon has all but announced the existence of its own tablet. Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos recently told everyone to “stay tuned” when asked about an Amazon-branded tablet. Bezos didn’t reveal any specific details, but he did mention how Amazon will always have a device that’s dedicated to reading. That’s what the Kindle is for. Bezos also said he “shouldn’t answer” in regards to some other kind of relatable product. To me, those quotes suggest that Bezos can’t wait to formally introduce the Amazon tablet. If leaks continue to emerge, the thunder may get taken from him.

A Boy Genius Report source says that Amazon has two tablets in the making. They are codenamed “Hollywood” and “Coyote.” Coyote is apparently a tablet with a NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor which will put it on the same playing field as many tablets that are currently available. The Hollywood model is unlike anything available. It is supposedly packing a quad-core processor that is known as Kal-El.

Amazon has all the pieces to create its own ecosystem. Amazon has the Amazon Appstore, Amazon MP3, Cloud Drive, Amazon Video and the Kindle Store at its disposal. The big question is what these tablets will cost. A tablet with a quad-core processor certainly doesn’t sound like it will be budget priced. Amazon has to try to not get lost in the growing sea of $500+ tablets.

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