Splashtop for webOS is here

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splashtop adds webOS to their remote desktop software.  Sign Touchpad is near

Joining iPhone and Android versions, Splashtop for webOS was just announced and it brings the same one-click access to your desktop machine available on the other mobile OS. Working with Windows and Mac, Spashtop looks more like a precursor for the HP TouchPad tablet rather than a smartphone focused product. Splashtop can pass through games, Flash support, editing files such as Word and Excel.

“We created Splashtop Remote Desktop with the vision of bridging the billions of devices throughout the world,” said Mark Lee, CEO and co-founder of Splashtop. “Our support for HP’s webOS is an important milestone in that direction.”

Currently, Spashtop is compatible with the Pre2 and Pre Plus running webOS 2.1. The software costs just $4.99 and is available now in the HP App Store.

Product page: [Splashtop]

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